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Publié le : 01/10/2022

Publications & Training

Cost-Benefit Analysis

The CBA (cost / benefit analysis): a support for flood management decision. Guide for owners and their partners



Flood protection dikes - the Mayor's action in the prevention of ruptures

Dikes protecting against floods - the implementation of the regulations resulting from the decree n ° 2007-1735 of 11/12/2007

Management of flood protection dykes

Flood protection works - Guide GEMAPI- Gestion des Milieux Aquatiques et Prévention des Inondations- (Aquatic Environment management and flood prevention)


Land management

The Mayor facing flood risks. Act in the absence of flood risk prevention plan (PPRI -Plan de prévention de risque d’inondation)

Taking into account the risk of flooding in Territorial Coherence Schemes (SCOT- Schémas de Cohérence Territoriale-)

Technical principles of planning


Reduction of vulnerability

The building facing the flood - Diagnose and reduce its vulnerability - Methodological Guide

The building facing the flood - Vulnerability of structures

Is a housing "zero damage" face the risk of flooding possible?

Building an activity continuity plan of a public service- Communities facing flood risk

Impulse and lead a process to reduce the vulnerability of economic activities - Local authorities face the risk of flooding

Flood damage assessment on housing

Assessment of housing damage related to marine submersions - Damage curves adaptation to the coastal context

The territory and its technical networks in order to face of flood risk

+ Technical specifications for the network guide


Crisis management

The communal reserve of civil security. Citizens at the side of the mayor, facing flood risk

Massive evacuation of people

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Anticipation and foresight of floods


Collection of testimonies

Why prevent flood risk?
The mayor and the reduction of the damaging consequences of floods
Collection of testimonies


Maintenance of watercourses

Collection of experiences
Maintenance of watercourses and flood prevention.
Contracting authority and financing
September 2009


Post-flood waste management

Post-Flood Waste Management - Approach to a Management Plan Development Methodology
September 2012

Post-flood waste evaluation and characterization Method–MECADEPI

Local authorities face flood waste: possible solutions - Awareness guide


Learn to live with floods – awareness

Sensitize populations at risk of flooding. Understand the mechanisms of change in perception and behavior

Summary Report EDRRIS_ Evaluation des Dispositifs Réglementaires sur le Risque Inondation et la Sensibilisation- "Evaluation of Regulatory Devices on Flood Risk and Awareness”

Detached annex of EDRRIS rapport


Rain runoff

Managing Runoff Floods - An Awareness Guide 


Climate Change

Climate change Heading towards an increased flood risk in France and Europe ?


Coastal Risks

Local authorities face coastal risks